Detroit Business Search Engine Optimization Tip


What are some of the best Detroit business SEO tips? If you run a business in Detroit, then you should know what some of the best search engine optimization tips are. With that said, below are a few tips, tricks, and methods you can use to help your business gain more exposure online.


1. Research And Use The Right Keywords- As a business owner, you probably offer a service and/or product or you sell various types of products. What you want to do is research keywords relating to your products or services and then choose the keywords that are low or medium in competition. Once you do that, you can use those keywords throughout your website, in articles you create for your site and in places such as the title of your articles. By doing this, your site may rank better in the search engines’ search index for those keywords.


2. Link Build- Link building is the process of getting your website’s link on other sites. However, you want to do link building properly, which means don’t go around to every single website, blog, and forum you come across and put your link on them. Find sites that are related to your website and try to get a link on it, and make sure you only place links on sites that offer high-quality content because you don’t want to place links on sites that are spammy or of low quality.


3. Upload Videos- Video SEO can be effective, but many business owners in Detroit and elsewhere do not take advantage of it. You should create videos about your products, services or your industry and upload them to YouTube and Facebook, but make sure you use keywords in the videos’ description and titles. Don’t forget to include a link to your site from within your video or in your video’s description. Try to create 2-3 videos per week and upload them to various sites, including YouTube and Facebook because this will help increase your chances of your videos going viral and noticed by people and the search engines.


4. Do Article Marketing- You should write at least 5 articles per week and publish them on various blogging sites and article publishing sites such as Hubpages. Make sure the articles are unique because you don’t want to publish the same article twice because this really won’t do your site any favors. Include a link to your site at the end of each article, and make sure you use 1-3 keywords throughout your articles and do not stuff keywords. Try to keep keyword density around 2%-4%, or once every 100-125 words, as this should not be considered keyword stuffing by the search engines.


Keep in mind that the above SEO tips, tricks, and methods are only a few you can use. If you want to take advantage of SEO and get the most from it, then hire a professional SEO firm. If you’re a Detroit business and you want to increase sales and gain more exposure, then hire a professional SEO company today.

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